Monthly Archives: August 2007

Around the world in 2:17 minutes

Ever wondered how email really works? A few weeks ago, The official Gmail Blog posted a movie on YouTube, inviting people to send a ‘real email’. All these videos were collected and finally assembled into a road movie of an email message.  Check it out, so you can see how your personal emails reach their recipients! […]

More than just words…

Last weeks the marketing blogosphere was crowded by several articles on words you can or can’t use in your email message, related to the deliverability of your email. Email clients filter every email on content and composition. Bear in mind that these words aren’t the only deliverability issue in email marketing. It is just the […]

DMA National Email Benchmarking Report Q4 2006

This, Q4 2006 National Email Marketing Benchmarking Report is the ninth the DMA has issued and contains data collected during January, February and March 2007, specifically related to October, November and December data. As before the survey is completed by leading UK Email Service Providers (ESPs) who deliver the majority of outsourced email messages to […]

Ever heard of text header blues?

It’s the lack of motivation to start reading. Recognizable? Essential in email marketing is ‘the envelope’. In the case of web-based email providers, the envelope is the subject line and the sender’s name. Email clients like Outlook even go further. Outlook Desktop Alert allows you to get a short summary based on sender, subject line […]

HTML email design tips for Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes can be a tough email client to test your HTML emails against. There is a general lack of information on how the Lotus Notes client renders and displays HTML for the end-user. Lotus Notes has always been a difficult email client to create HTML emails for. Many large corporations continue to support and […]

LifeTime Value

Another topic on this blog explains the importance of building strong, durable relationships with (potential) customers. It is important, but what’s really important for marketers like you and me, is the meaning lying behind. Essentially it is about increasing the value of the customers and convert them to prospects, or even better, customers. Roughly said […]

Getting personal

The ancient email marketing history tells us that in the beginning email was used to send mass messages to large databases and numerous contacts. Then, the pros were the speed of communication and the cost-effectiveness. Luckily, email became a complex but very developed medium with a huge amount of opportunities to reach all kinds of […]

Video & email marketing

Last month The Email Wars blog wrote an article about email video. They also gave a checklist of 10 reasons to use video in your email message: 1. Announce a product launch 2. Feature your latest TV spot 3. Give a property tour 4. Notify about a promotional event 5. Improve employee communications and training […]

Alive and kicking

Is email dead or not? This subject is gradually getting eternal fame. Every self-respecting e-marketer has his opinion on this topic. All about relationships? Consumer behaviour has changed enormously last decades. Brands had to attach themselves by changing resources, methods and the choice of the most effective and efficient channels to their target groups. The […]

3 ways of opt-in

Spam is big. The amount of spam grows enormously every year. Belgian government reacted on this issue by creating the opt-in rule. Another topic on this blog gives the exact opt-in law, but in this topic I shortly want to explain the different techniques to get in touch with your (potential) customers, based on the […]