Alive and kicking

Is email dead or not? This subject is gradually getting eternal fame. Every self-respecting e-marketer has his opinion on this topic.

All about relationships?

Consumer behaviour has changed enormously last decades. Brands had to attach themselves by changing resources, methods and the choice of the most effective and efficient channels to their target groups. The essence of contemporary communication is to create great relationships with all your potential customers.

This brings us directly to email marketing. What is the biggest advantage of email?
Right, the ability to build strong, long-lasting relationships with lots of people.

The overall media marketing contains direct marketing like face-to-face meetings, phone calls and direct mail, together with the mass marketing like print, television, radio, billboards, websites, banner ads, etc. But none of these tactics enable you to build consistent, fast, unique and cheap one-to-one relationships. Email does.


Of course besides the media I enumerated, other new online innovations approach the benefits of email. RSS, blogging, social media, online video en wikis are just a few of these new e-marketing techniques. All these new media became very popular last years. Each of these channels are based on consumer-centric-thinking.
Direct and personal speech, containing relevant content, that’s what it is all about. Marketing professionals and gurus are spreading these words since a long time ago.

At the start of this trend, there was email. Today, there is still email.
Email was never replaced or repressed by other online, as well as offline initiatives.

B2B, B2C, personal usage, everybody who wants to reach someone quickly and personally is  using email. Marketers use it to reach their customers because of the numerous benefits of the medium, but that is not all. Email is known as one of the most popular web-based applications used by internet users.

Perfect marketing tool?

There is no such thing as the perfect marketing tool. Of course I am aware of some essential remarks on email marketing. E.g. the need for clear segmenting and paying attention to law restrictions on spam, plus the fact that the effectiveness of this channel depends on the quality of your database.

But what other marketing media can you deploy at such a low cost? What else can be tracked and measured straight to your sales goals? What else can be spread so quickly and easily? What else gives such a fast response? What else allows you to personalize content and reach all your segments with the optimal content?

Right, only alive and kicking email.

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