Getting personal

The ancient email marketing history tells us that in the beginning email was used to send mass messages to large databases and numerous contacts. Then, the pros were the speed of communication and the cost-effectiveness. Luckily, email became a complex but very developed medium with a huge amount of opportunities to reach all kinds of (potential) customers.

Since a few years marketing trends show us the preference of demassification and personalization. Targeting, segmenting and customer values transformed from fashion words into industry standards and long-term relationships finally began to get the attention they deserve.

At the moment the focus has changed from ‘one size fits all’ to relevant content specific to the recipient. Attach your message directly to the recipient creates easily a relationship based on reliability and trust, and customers get more interested in a product if they feel affected with the brand.

During my daily websearch for email marketing updates my eye fell on this interesting oneliner:

55% of online adults have reported that email targeted to their specific interests, lifestyle or preference is important to them. (Harris Interactive, 12/06)

It confirms the need of knowing and using the customer needs, preferences and values, to work on loyalty and customer satisfaction. Emails are getting more and more personal, is email marketing going the right way,
is there yet a long way to go?
Your reactions on this evolution are welcome!

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