Video & email marketing

Last month The Email Wars blog wrote an article about email video. They also gave a checklist of 10 reasons to use video in your email message:

1. Announce a product launch
2. Feature your latest TV spot
3. Give a property tour
4. Notify about a promotional event
5. Improve employee communications and training
6. Build brand loyalty
7. Increase customer relations and retention
8. Reduce advertising costs
9. Qualify sales leads
10. Increase response rates

A very important extra on this topic is the technical aspect. Most email clients can’t render online videostreaming correctly. Solutions like linking to a video on a website, using only the mediaplayer to make it look great, are not really correct and relevant on long term.

I posted this article not just to inform or convince you about the usefulness of video in email messages. Next to this I want to create a conversation about this subject.

How is the world thinking about email video? Is it an interesting application with possibilities? Is it just a logical consequence of the online video-trend that’s coming up? Or do we stop reading and start viewing and listening to our email messages in the future?

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