Ever heard of text header blues?

It’s the lack of motivation to start reading. Recognizable?

Essential in email marketing is ‘the envelope’. In the case of web-based email providers, the envelope is the subject line and the sender’s name. Email clients like Outlook even go further. Outlook Desktop Alert allows you to get a short summary based on sender, subject line and first sentence of your email.

Lots of people’s reading behaviour is based on what he or she reads in this alert pane. That’s why those first 3 lines really are essential. A lot of commercial emails have generic calls-to-action in this short alert, like ‘Click here to unsubscribe’. Those sentences create no difference between the message received today and the one received last week, lowering opened rates considerably and sinking click through results.

Instead, put a relevant call-to-action at the very top of your email design. One that, together with the subject line, holds a compelling offer for the recipient.

Conclusion: Put that little extra effort in email copywriting and design. It will help to increase readability for your valuable opt-in audience. And it will help you in securing your campaign results.

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