More than just words…

Last weeks the marketing blogosphere was crowded by several articles on words you can or can’t use in your email message, related to the deliverability of your email. Email clients filter every email on content and composition. Bear in mind that these words aren’t the only deliverability issue in email marketing. It is just the top of the iceberg. Realise that there is more than a score based on your words in your subject line and email content.

Incorrect content can get you filtered, but the probability that it is the only reason is doubtful. It is more likely going to be a combination of several words, sentences and other aspects. On this topic I shortly want to describe these other delivery issues.

Bad code

Always check, and recheck, your code while creating an email. Email clients and MS Word code form the most turbulent wedding ever, dirty HTML-code will create surprising email views, or no view at all. Bad code can add your relevant content straight to the deserted junk folder.

Reputation management

In proportion with the increasing amount of spam, the importance of your brand reputation becomes evenly important. Previously you especially had to monitor that your email recipients were kept happy. Nowadays you also need to constantly observe your reputation with the email gatekeepers. The link between these two ‘reputations’ is the great invention of the “this is spam”-button. This button gives email recipients the power to manage your reputation with an Internet Service Provider of webmail service.


Another aspect of the deliverability issue is rendering. Pay attention to correct design of your emails. Be sure all links and images are correctly viewed and clickable when necessary.


I can give one great advice to all the clever marketers. Start tracking, use deliverability monitoring tools. So you always know whether your fantastically designed email has reached his target, instead of disappearing in the world of neglection.

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