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If marketing emails could talk

Thanks to Email marketing reports.

EmailGarage at Customer First 2007

The annual event of Customer First at Tour&Taxis is a must for Direct Marketers. The EmailGarage team couldn’t be absent at this unique event. You can come and visit us at our boot A35. We will be pleased to give you a personal demo of our new platform and a free test-account. See you soon !!!

Email Marketing Forum

Wednesday the 21st of November 2007, Brussels is the host for the Email Marketing Forum. The slogan for this event is ‘A one day for email marketing excellence’, and it offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with different email marketing professionals. Essential aspects in email marketing like database management, SPAM-legislation, deliverability issues and […]

Clean your HTML-code from ActiveX, JavaScript, Flash, …

It’s best to keep your message and HTML-code as clean and simple as possible. Just about every single email application out there blocks JavaScript, ActiveX, Flash etc. They all block it to prevent viruses, as a security measure. Make sure your code doesn’t contain any ActiveX. Double-check form submit buttons, pop-up window links, image pre-loaders, […]

Recognition through design

If you want your company to be recognized, be sure to use your corporate identity consistently in all of your company’s communication outings. Logically, that includes your emailings.   Why is it so important to use your corporate logo, its distinctive colours and design elements consequently? It’s not just a matter of recognition. It also […]

How to treat images in an HTML email

Always host images on your website instead of embedding them in messages. Some email providers filter email with embedded images. File size can get quite large with multiple embedded images, which can also get the message blocked. Instead, host those images on your website and make sure all paths point to the full URL. Always […]

Call the Design Team: Outlook 2007 has arrived

As you may have read, Microsoft launched a new version of Office which includes a new Outlook. This new version, called Outlook 2007, includes changes that are going to affect everyone sending email today. The reason for this is that Microsoft has switched the Outlook rendering engine from Internet Explorer to Word. A rendering engine […]

Enrich your data by efficient targeting and segmentation

Can someone who is reading this give me the ideal way of segmentation in email marketing? Anyone? Now we can start an endless conversation about best practices, but essentially it always comes back to the relevance of your message in the dialogues with your target groups. Some marketers don’t use segmentation. “Everyone likes to listen to […]

Five tips to circumvent spam filters

There are countless variants of spam filter techniques which can be applied at various levels (personal computer, company email server, ISP, etc.) in one combination or another. These few simple guidelines can help you get started in the right direction:

Don’t ask for too much, too soon

People are more likely to submit information online, if they can do it easily – in virtually no time. Don’t suppress that benefit. When collecting data, ask only for the minimum initially . Unless you’ve got a strong incentive to make your recipients provide more. But in that case, keep in mind that some subscribers […]