Email marketing for dummies

This article is especially written for those who are not yet familiar with the purpose of email marketing and the advantages and tricks it contains.

Email marketing is a component of direct marketing which uses electronic mail to spread a commercial message to an audience. There are several reasons why marketers use email marketing:

  • To maintain the customers relationship and to enhance customer loyalty.
  • To acquire new customers or to convince old customers to come back.


Email marketing has many advantages. We made you a list with the most important reasons why email marketing is a powerful tool to use in the marketing mix:

  • Compared to other media investments such as TV-commercials or printed direct mail, it is extremely cheap. 
  • The impact is easy to track. It is impossible to verify which printed letters are thrown unopened in the garbage can. On the other hand you can track immediately after sending an e-mail, who received the e-mail, who effectively opened it and who clicked on certain links.
  • Email is a very fast medium. Immediately after pushing the send button, the email arrives at his destination.
  • The first thing in the morning most people do when they arrive at work is checking their email.
  • Email marketing is environmentally friendly, at least if you don’t print the email.


Sending an email is one thing. Delivering the email and measuring the behaviour of the recipients another. Some essential elements of email marketing can influence your deliverability.


The overload in mailboxes causes that people erase their emails without reading them.
Email marketing is based on the opt-in law. Opt-in means that everyone who receives emails has to give their explicit authorization to receive them. When you give your authorization, there is off course a big chance that you are sincerely interested in the content and will read the email.


Email can be seen as spam and never reach the recipient, because it is trapped in a spam-filter.

When you design your email according to the rules of art, the chance becomes that the email will be trapped in the spam filters becomes very small.

If you want to know more about this subject we refer too the our topic 3 ways of opt-in and more than just words… on this blog.

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    Email marketing has become one of the most common ways of advertising and all companies use them because it’s easy and it has effect.

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