Virals in email marketing

Viral marketing creates quick and local or worldwide distribution, with a low media cost. Actually viral marketing is the digital variant from word-of-mouth marketing. Viral commercials are more popular than ever.

Viral marketing is more than just adding a link ‘refer a friend’. Real successful virals start with a specific strategy, a great concept and some outstanding creations.

A viral message comes from a familiar person, which is therefore a trusted sender, what increases the chance of reaching the recipient.

What is the value of virals for email marketing?

Virals through email can be useful for marketers who don’t own an extensive database with contacts; instead you can try to seed your message. Via seeding you increase the chance your commercial message reaches a lot of people through social networking sites, video sites, communities, weblogs, email and rss. With the right message on the right time and place there is a chance your commercial will be spread viral. Email marketing can start this all. By starting to send the message via email, this can be overtaken on the other online applications.

Classic media reach their targets through one sided mass communication. They shoot their message and try to hit as much consumers as possible. Email marketing doesn’t work that way. The essence of good email marketing is offering direct and personal value by relevant content, trying to build long term relationships based on lifetime value.

On the internet the consumer determines himself whether he wishes to look at your message or not. A viral commercial can be tagged as viral when huge amounts of people start reading and forwarding your message. Take into account that your digital consumer is not a king anymore, he is a dictator.

A real viral commercial offers you at least a few of next characteristics:

  • Entertaining
  • Outstanding
  • Extreme

Be unique and try to create a ‘wow-effect’ so you really surprise your audience.

Viral marketing sounds like a widespread, unpredictable and chaotic medium, but tracking-technology like ViralTracker offers you the possibility to measure and improve your results.

Before finishing this topic I give a few tips to improver your viral campaign. 

  • If you make a promise, follow it. 
  • Make forwarding a piece of cake.
  • Dare to release the message from your brand.
  • Take care that you offer an honest message. Getting busted in the blogosphere for lying or denying can harm your brand real bad.

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