Top link and sniffing create enhanced readability

When creating an email message you have to take several aspects into account to communicate your message ideally. This depends on the personalisation, the composition and the text as well as the technical aspects.

An important aspect of this issue is the readability of your email message in each email client. This issue can be solved by the combination of a top link and the sniffing technique.

Top link
The top link is the link that’s usually typed above an email message with the saying:
“If you can’t read this message, click here.”

By clicking this link the reader of an incomplete or text message can go to the online version of the email message displayed on an online webpage.

Sniffing link
The sniffing technique is a technical function which allows you to check if your recipient can receive HTML-mails or text mails. Especially in a B2B-environment firewalls and safety systems sometimes only accept pure text messages.

Take care that your text-only message is clear and useful, and that your information contains the correct links.

Some email systems doesn’t understand the sniffing technique. On the other hand, most links aren’t clickable immediately when opening your inbox. By combining these two functions you can prevent this problem.

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