Where to find email addresses?


In house emailing lists tend to perform better then externally bought lists. You should use every existing contact moment to collect email addresses and ask permission to inform by email. Some collecting points:

  • through your website
  • at a point of sale
  • call center
  • in a printed direct mailing
  • your sales force
  • at events, fairs,
  • through order forms
  • outlook contacts
  • invoicing database
  • dedicated survey

Use all of these moments as an opportunity to gather permission to email your customers. You want to provide something to which your current and potential customers will say, “Yes, I give you permission to send me email.” A simple clipboard on your front counter or form on your website, that says “Sign up here to receive discount coupons via email!” or “Sign up here to get our free Newsletter via email!” will get you going.

Don’t ask for too much information at first. All you really need to get started is a first name and an email address.
Most importantly, promise privacy. You should develop a privacy statement that communicates to customers how your company uses their personal information.


  • Renting: most listbrokers rent out their email addresses: they’ll let you send your message to their own address lists through their own emailing platform. These services can usually let you target your message according to, for example, the interests or geographical location of the owners of the email address.
  • Buying: some listbrokers sell email addresses.
    • Most of those addresses are generic, like info@, sales@.
      Just imagine how the info@ inbox in your company looks like before your start sending emails on these kind of addresses.
    • If they also contain personal email addresses, please respect the privacy law when sending your first email out.
  • Affiliate websites: you gather permission through partnerships with other websites. When someone registers for f.i. receiving e-newsletters of the affiliate, they get the opportunity to sign up for additional newsletters from your company.

Tip: before renting or buying email addresses, always ask the vendor how permission to send email campaigns to these addresses was obtained. Also ask to see the actual sign-in pages. Always remember that it’s your brand that is at stake!

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