Use reporting to understand your customer needs

Today’s society grows more and more to a consumer-centric model. “Don’t shout, talk.” is therefore EmailGarage’s opinion and worldwide slogan. Stop shouting around, start aiming to that specific customer that really needs your product or service.

Different famous marketers and sales directors keep repeating that listening to your customer is essential. Off course, you will say now. But lots of sales people often keep on shouting a one-sided monologue. They want to be sure they described all fantastic features and great extras of there product to there customer, but sometimes it is better to shut up. By listening to your audience patiently you can learn why they really want your product. Why they wish to buy your specific brand and why they keep coming back to your store or website.

Email is all about sending messages to you target group. Good email marketers use intelligent emailing as a listening tool. Are you thinking “How can I get a reaction of my recipient without receiving a reply-mail?” now?

No? Ok, than your on the right side of the road with your emailing campaigns.
Yes? Keep reading!

Active listening is getting to know how your audience is thinking, feeling and interacting. Some people may now ask what this has to do with email marketing.

By using good reporting tools you are able to discover the exact individual behaviour, actions and interactions from your targeted audience. Metrics allow you to learn from these results, so you actually know why your customers are interested in your business. From that you can predict future behaviour and create tailor-made messages en relevant content to every segment in your contact list.

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