Forms as a part of email usability

Usability is an often used term in email marketing. The ease of use of emailing not only contains composition and lay-out of your email message, it is also about  handling your opt-ins, profile updates and opt-outs easily.

Clear forms increase the feeling that their actions are not ignored, even better, they will feel appreciated. By offering valuable and simple forms you give receivers the feeling that they are handled directly, face to face.

Signing up forms create an opportunity to get more information of the subscriber and increase their engagement. By lifting up your knowledge about your subscribers you can start mailing more personally instead of sending mass-mailings. This personalisation is not only about a specific salutation based on (first-)name, but can also contain personal interest and preferences. E.g. extremely valuable information for an online sportswear shop is the specific favourite sport of the recipient. Knowing this element allows you to bring much more segmented and relevant information to each newsletter receiver.

These forms are a part of your customer conversations too. It helps you to learn more about your recipient, so keep paying attention to this.

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