Save your emails from hungry spam filters

The Belgian law obliges companies to ask the written permission of their contacts, before they start sending them commercial emails.

Sending unsolicited commercial emails –  also known as SPAM –  causes damage to your corporate image. In some cases it can even cost you a law suit. And that’s one thing you don’t need. So it’s best to always give your recipients the option to unsubscribe at any given moment.

But beware: there are more tricky pitfalls than meet the eye. Even when your email does contain an unsubscribe link, it’s not sure that it will reach its destination.

For instance, heavy emails often risk being blocked by spam filters. That is why we advise never to add a large attachment to a commercial email, or to use heavy animations. It’s so much safer to simply add a link to these animations on a web page. It’s ideal to limit the weight of your emails and a smart way to track the clickthrough behaviour of your recipients.

Conclusion: Make sure you only send your commercial emails to those contacts that really want to get them. And keep them light and simple: it reduces the risk that they end up getting blocked by spam filters.

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