Monthly Archives: November 2007

Don’t send file attachments

File attachments of any kind should be avoided in email marketing. We’ve all heard of the damage done by computer viruses transmitted through attachments.  As a result, file attachments will be blocked by some firewalls and virus scans. The chance of your message being perceived as spam mail will increase considerably. Moreover, internet users are […]

Creative ways to construct winning emails

How to create email campaigns that give better click through, higher sales conversion and great customer brand experience. This presentation is made by Serge Van de Zande some time ago and reused recently. Serge is managing partner of Luon, a direct marketing and sales company. EmailGarage is a business unit of this Luon-group.

Email Marketing Forum 2007: the slides

Yesterday was a great day for email marketers. The Email Marketing Forum in Brussels brought all email marketing specialists together, speaking about different aspects of this amazing, interactive channel. Subjects as testing, reporting, segmenting and dynamic content were widely presented and discussed. The Email Marketing Forum was an initiative from Best Of Publishing, a leading […]

Email as a gateway for social media (1)

Today was the day of the Email Marketing Forum in Brussels. A day full of surprising slides, great speeches, a huge amount of tips & tricks and a lot of meaningful dialogues, all about email marketing. An old, but yet still interesting insight kept spinning around in my head all day. One of the keynote […]

Reward your loyal readers.

Ever thought about rewarding the readers of your newsletter? Giving them a valuable present confirms that your newsletter is worth reading. And what’s more: it will stimulate them to keep reading your emails in the future. Conclusion: Rewarding your newsletter readers once in a while is an ideal way to make sure they keep looking […]

Personalize your FROM field

Normally all email software is capable of customizing the name that appears in the FROM line of your email marketing message. So, instead of “” you can send an email that says “From:“.

Best practice: Mitsubishi Outlander magazine

A few posts ago we talked about worst practices, now it is time to pay attention to a well deserved best practice. Mitsubishi Motors created an email marketing campaign as call to action for a great online campaign. It is the perfect implementation of email and online integration. This topic is about the importance of […]

A heaven sent email tip for All Saints’ Day

Sending your business emails out on a legal holiday, like All Saints’ Day for example, can be a risky move. The chances are that your recipients may not see it until a few days later. By which time your email is probably buried under a pile of email or – even worse! – a mountain […]

Put critical information in text, not images

Images are disabled by default in many of the major e-mail clients — AOL 9, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Gmail and others. When recipients open a message with images in one of these clients, they’ll see red x’s, warning messages, grey boxes… or simply nothing at all. If critical branding information is in those images, […]