Best practice: Mitsubishi Outlander magazine

A few posts ago we talked about worst practices, now it is time to pay attention to a well deserved best practice.

Mitsubishi Motors created an email marketing campaign as call to action for a great online campaign. It is the perfect implementation of email and online integration. This topic is about the importance of landing pages behind the email message.

Click here if you want to discover this great campaign.

Email message

First we evaluate the email message itself.Every email is personalized with the first name. The message is kept short and simple. No scrolling is needed to see the whole message. Different links create a clear call-to-action to the landing page. It is important to give several links if you have only one link in your message. A top link helps if you have problems with the email renderability of your message, and the email contains the (in Belgium) obligated unsubscribe link.

Outlander magazine

The links in the email refer to the Outlander magazine. This is an online, interactive magazine tailor-made for the Mitsubishi consumers.

The innovative technique of this online magazine offers you the opportunity to communicate a lot of information, on an emotional and reliable way.

This magazine, available in five languages, is a perfect medium to interact about their products, image and brand. Mitsubishi offers a viral tell-a-friend function, direct links for a testdrive, a virtual wishlist, some YouTube-videos, etc. All related to the corporate image of the Misubishi Outlander.

The site also contains a car configurator, the Outlander can be designed and personalised on different aspects, linked with a contest.

All these elements create a very complete experience with the Mitsubishi brand. A great integrated campaign, built on the strengths of several interactive channels and technologies. This campaign proves the value of a well-implemented online strategy.

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  1. Posted May 4, 2008 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

    Good strategy. But still, to whom it likes Mitsubishi Outlander, and who is not.

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