Personalize your FROM field

Normally all email software is capable of customizing the name that appears in the FROM line of your email marketing message.

So, instead of “” you can send an email that says “From:“.

This approach is more friendly, inviting, and more likely to get opened and read. Think about it. How often do you delete messages from such unfamiliar and suspicious sources as: “From:” ?

Also, email marketing campaigns with generic email addresses in the FROM line are more likely to be blocked by spam filters. Your email could be labelled as spam, based on the generic nature of the FROM field.


Always use a personal or “human” FROM field to enhance the success of your email marketing campaigns and decrease the risk of being perceived as spam.


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    Hi Kenny,

    Although I fully agree that you should use a from address that makes sense, I do not agree with your suggestion to use a person’s name as the sender name. It might work in some cases (if the person is really well-known to your target audience eg. Bill Gates) but in most cases it’s wiser to use the company or product name as the sender name.

    Spammers are using the technique of putting a real person’s name in the sender name to trick people into opening their emails. When I receive an email from a person I do not know, my first thought is that it is spam…

    Using a person’s name poses another problem: what do you do when that person leaves the company? You will be forced to start sending with another sender name of a (potentially) lesser known person and the person that has left the company might benefit from the recognition that you’ve been building for him/her for another purpose…

    That said: as with all best practices, you should take them with a grain of salt and at least test what works best for your company.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂


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    Hi Tamara,

    the thing is that we noticed that even for big brands (Solo, Knorr, …) putting an edito in the email of the brand manager, together with the personal from in the email, works very well.

    Even that kind of mass communication gets a personal touch and people appreciate that.

    At EmailGarage we use this also for our personal communication and tipmails. Again it works like hell.

    But you have a point that if you only use prospection mailers and there is no regularity in it, it can be intrusive to use a personal from.

    Like you said: testing !!!

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