Email as a gateway for social media (1)

Today was the day of the Email Marketing Forum in Brussels. A day full of surprising slides, great speeches, a huge amount of tips & tricks and a lot of meaningful dialogues, all about email marketing.

An old, but yet still interesting insight kept spinning around in my head all day.
One of the keynote speakers, Skip Fidura (OgilvyOne Worldwide), was touching the overall discussed issue that the end is near for email. He, I, and definitely a lot other smart marketers, refuse to agree with this nearby funeral.

Skip spoke about email as a gateway between the digital media, as well on direct media as on interactive marketing.

Probably you’re thinking now “What’s the news?” To be honest: I don’t think I am telling new things here.
But this topic is not only about this specific vision; I use it as an introduction to a new blog sequence. This gave me the idea of writing a series of topics on the integration of email with social media.

In the next topics on this subject we will see different ways of implementing email in your social media strategy. Perhaps we will make you curious with the next concrete opportunities in a social media/email combination:

– Share
– Generate
– Inform
– Personalize
– …

Stay tuned on this blog if you are eager to learn more about these subject and its elements!

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