Don’t send file attachments

File attachments of any kind should be avoided in email marketing. We’ve all heard of the damage done by computer viruses transmitted through attachments.  As a result, file attachments will be blocked by some firewalls and virus scans. The chance of your message being perceived as spam mail will increase considerably.
Moreover, internet users are naturally suspicious of attachments. They tend to delete these without even opening them.

Is there an alternative? Definitely. 

If you have information to share that requires a file attachment, turn it into a web page instead or make it downloadable. Just add a hyperlink to your email that leads the recipient straight to the additional info you want to share.

Conclusion: Not using attachments will not only make your email safer, adding hyperlinks to an online file will also provide you with interesting tracking reports.

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  1. Posted March 27, 2011 at 5:35 pm | Permalink

    I know not to do attachments to emails, but what about INSERTING a logo or picture? please advise

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