Email as a gateway for social media (2)

This is a blog about email marketing, as you know, but internet luckily allows you to integrate lots of different media. This series of topics is therefore an overview of possible connections between social media and email marketing. We describe social media as the tools and platforms that people use to publish, converse and share content online.

As an introduction we give a few examples of social media:

• Blogs / discussion boards
• Consumer generated content
• Podcasts
• Social networks (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, …)
• Virtual worlds (Second Life, Active Worlds, …)

The essential issue is to be seen, heard and talked about online.

A few links between social networks and email

Several elements of social networks from a B2B or B2C perspective stroke with those of email marketing.

Central in the audience of a social network are interests and lifestyles. People get connected by stroking elements of their character, behaviour or experiences. This subject points at the basic law in efficient email marketing: the creation of a message as relevant as possible.

Social media bring people together to view, interact and discuss about your specific product or service. It is like creating a sense of a community. Using these social networks to (potential) customers create the opportunity to build personal customer relationships on a long-term base. Increasing this long-term value is also a possible goal in email marketing.

In the next topics of this series I will give some concrete ways to use e-mail efficiently in social media.

Next movie shows you what social networking is in plain ‘English’. Thanks to Leelefever.

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