Use customer data to personalise emails

Studies have shown that the greater number of personalisation elements to an email, the higher the response rates.

Basic personalisation can mean addressing a recipient by their first name. Ultimately, however, true personalisation means delivering emails that are tailored to the specific profile and preferences of each recipient. The types of personalization may vary in approach based on whether you are sending a newsletter, announcement or ecommerce email, but improved results are generally the outcome.

A simple example can be illustrated by the approach of a digital camera company that regularly emails its clients (who’ve opted in of course). An email template can be created that includes mail merge variables such as type of camera, additional camera accessories, client name,…

Obviously the amount of energy expended towards personalisation has to be balanced against your available resources and the expected return. But start with one or two personalisation elements and consider adding additional variables when and if feasible.

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