The use of metrics in a long-term engagement

An article with the striking title “how email marketers misuse metrics” claimed our attention. Real-time measurement and analysis is for us an elementary part of the reason why you should use email marketing in your marketing communication strategy. The essence of the article was an overview of a survey taken of respondents as marketers, agencies and ESP’s.

Some survey findings were very interesting:

“More than 95 percent of the individuals surveyed said that they did measure the results of their email campaigns.”

“Only 18 % of respondents indicated that they measured results on an annual basis.”

Do you see the link? This shows there is still a long way to go coming from email as a mass channel to the efficient, relevant, and personal direct marketing mail.

The conclusion of the author says it all:

“Everyone should utilize their metrics to improve their next campaign (and the next) and ensure that they can articulate the results based on the company’s overall marketing objectives”.

This topic validates our belief in the importance of using email metrics as long term-based tool to discover contact behaviour, interactions and new brand and business opportunities.

Metrics start with click-through and deliverability (both very important, but not enough for complete analysis). It becomes even more interesting when you start comparing your different email messages using cross campaign reporting and in-depth analysis. The data is there, so feel free to use it. Benchmarking should not be seen as obligatory numbers with which you at least have to match. Use them as a manual to improve your following campaigns and gather key information and opportunities from them.

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