Monthly Archives: January 2008

Worst practice: scrollbars

A few days ago we received a new email in our inbox. As Valentine’s Day comes closer and closer lots op companies start sending promotional e-mails on great gifts. They all try to influence the reader with romantic messages, useful tips and emotional call to actions. As we did some research about this email, we […]

Is it worth sending an email correction?

Imagine: you or one of your subscribers notice that your email has an error in it. Bummer. But it’s up to you to determine if sending a correction email is worth the effort. As every situation is unique, we would only recommend sending a correction when your email: seriously misinforms its recipients; does not allow […]

Keep your list and readers active

Next to bounced and unsubscribed readers, there can be a reduction in your active subscribers. Sometimes your subscribers move from active to inactive. It might go rather unnoticed, but it is a tangible reduction in your list size.

Meet EmailGarage at the Email Summit ‘08 in Miami

       This year MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit takes place in Miami, Florida. One of EmailGarage’s customers is presenting a best practice case. Michon Van Doorn will talk  about Unilever’s “Data Enrichment and Synchronization Strategies”. Kenny Van Beeck, EmailGarage’s business development manager and senior email marketing consultant will also attend and will blog daily about the Email […]

BDMA workshop on e-marketing was a success

Yesterday EmailGarage was the host for an e-marketing workshop organised by the BDMA.         Kenny Van Beeck, Jelle Quirynen and Luc Robijns were asked to give a workshop about the most important aspects of digital and interactive marketing. The agenda consisted about online advertising, trends in interactive marketing and email marketing, mixed with cases.

Offer multiple response mechanisms

If you send out newsletters or promotional emails on a regular basis, here’s a tip to fire up your response rate. Make it easy on your readers: make sure they find your email addresses, fax and telephone numbers in the blink of an eye. By all means add clickthroughs to response forms on your web […]

Finding the right emailing frequency

This is actually a hot topic on our EmailGarage support line: Finding the correct balance between keeping your brand at the top of your customer’s mind and annoying them. Between being an informative source and a spammer. Actually, a lot of research has been done on this topic. And while some swear by the bi-weekly […]

Advised fonts in email marketing

Copy in Arial 10pt: Visibility studies indicate that the best fonts for email communications are Arial 10pt and Verdana 10pt. It is highly recommended not to use fonts less than 10pt under any circumstance. If you decide to send your email message in 12pt, use Arial. Arial and verdana are standard default fonts and are […]

Will 2008 bring you great dialogues and knowledge?

2008, a brand new year, launched yesterday with great enthusiasm. Last week, several professional email inboxes went on holiday, but we are happy to see that many of you used email and internet to give everybody your best wishes. 2007 was a special year for EmailGarage. Our new EmailGarage 6.0 campaign manager tool was launched, […]