Will 2008 bring you great dialogues and knowledge?

2008, a brand new year, launched yesterday with great enthusiasm.

Last week, several professional email inboxes went on holiday, but we are happy to see that many of you used email and internet to give everybody your best wishes. 2007 was a special year for EmailGarage. Our new EmailGarage 6.0 campaign manager tool was launched, several new evolutions in the email marketing world were discovered, and this blog was born.

As everybody, last week, we took some time to look into the future, hoping to discover what 2008 will bring for us.

Our honest intentions for this year are to inform you, share and interact with you even more on email marketing. We hope to stay in touch with you, online passionate people.

We and many amongst us believe in the increasing use of email marketing in communication strategies. 2008 can become that year that will be seen as the step to real maturity for email marketing in a huge amount of companies.

Our best wishes for 2008,

Your friends at EmailGarage

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