BDMA workshop on e-marketing was a success

Yesterday EmailGarage was the host for an e-marketing workshop organised by the BDMA.

Jelle Quirynen - Kenny Van Beeck        Kenny Van Beeck, Jelle Quirynen and Luc Robijns were asked to give a workshop about the most important aspects of digital and interactive marketing.

The agenda consisted about online advertising, trends in interactive marketing and email marketinJelle Quirynen - Kenny Van Beeckg, mixed with cases.

First, Kenny gave an overview of online advertising in Belgium.
He zoomed in on the online channels and sectors, based on analysis and graphs from the IAB. Increasing use of online channels predict a great future for interactive marketing in Belgium.

Next, Jelle Quirynen gave his insights of the future evolution and trends in interactive marketing in 2008. He gave his opinion, showed the most popular interactive elements at this moment, and gave some tips and tricks how to use it as a company, brand or marketer.

He started from web 2.0 idea, based on the web as a network, were people gain more and more power, offering the opportunity to share, trade and collaborate quickly and efficiently.
Blogs, user generated content, podcasts/vodcasts, Social networks, RSS were all explained and coloured with great examples, cool applications and useful websites. The essence in this story was that content, people and channels are coming closer and closer to each other. Use this mix of conversation, participation and relevance at the right time, to the right target using the right channels to enter, listen and create a dialogue.

After a short break the most important issues and elements on email marketing were touched. He started with 35 tips how to increase your email marketing results. A case showed how it all can be implemented practically and off course we inserted some slides about the opt-in legislation. Then he gave the interesting insight in how to create good looking and efficient emails, based on the structure of magazine covers. The slides on this specific topic can be found on an older topic on this blog.              DMA workshop

Kenny took over again and explained how to build a better website. Tips about content optimalisation, mock-ups and the power of search engines were all discussed.

An overall review on this workshop gave happy participants, some new interesting insights and a good overview about what is living in the market at the moment.

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