Day 1: The transfer from Brussels to Miami

“Live blog from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit ‘08 in Miami”

Tomorrow the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Miami finally kicks off. I will share my thoughts and activities on this prestigious event, built and visited by leading-edge email marketing specialists from all over the world.

Today, the trip starts. I’m excited. We had a pretty rough trip. Boarding in Brussels at 4:30 and landing in Miami on 14:30. Seems perfect, but with a 6 hours rate it means that we had a 16 hour long trip, including a transfer in London.

But what am I complaining about: Miami is great! A sea breeze, a wonderful hotel and a temperature of 85°F (that’s 30°C to you European folks). What a great way to start a Summit!

But of course, that is not what we’re here for. I’m preparing myself to be MarketingSherpa Certified on sunday. Master Classes start at 7:30.

I’ll keep you posted!
Kenny Van Beeck

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