Day 2: email capture, optimization and landing pages

“Live blog from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit ‘08 in Miami” 

I already met some very interesting people during my very early breakfast.

Miami_day2Miami_day2Miami_day2 It’s clear that US companies are closely watching the European market and try to understand how we handle multi-lingual campaign management. Since most of the the email marketing platforms are uni-lingual (English). They are scoping with encoding issues and multi-lingual reporting. Certification classes started at 9:00 sharp. What a perfect wake-up call. The guys from Marketing Experiments had prepared a very good session based on statistical testing in the field of email marketing.

They came up with a rather simple, but very useful mathematical approach on the impact of different elements that can make a huge difference in subscription forms, email design and copy and landing page design. The class contained three main topics: email capture, email optimization and landing pages. It took us from 9 AM until 5 PM to make an in-depth analysis of every topic, mixed with testing material and real cases.

This was truly a unique approach. Although I am familiar with most of these topics, it was really amazing to see how they could fit all these general tips and tricks in one understandable mathematical approach. Really helpful to use as a basic formula and as a backbone for every campaign we run.

The class ended with a real exam. No cheating, no peeking. Just sharpened pencils and a provided exam form to be completed in a limited time period. Felt just like my old school days.

We need 80% to pass the test and get certified. I’m really nervous, I don’t want to flunk this one. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow, when we receive our results. Cross your fingers for me.
For the rest of the evening, I hang out with some nice people from Email Insider, Lyris
and my Belgian e-marketing colleague Tamara Gielen.

Michon Van Doorn attended the basecamp and found it very useful in terms of writing emails and subject lines, because of the different approach in the US. She promised to prepare a blogpost for tomorrow on that subject.
I’m eager to see what the next day will bring.

Blogging from Miami,

Kenny Van Beeck

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