Day 3 – part 2: segmentation is king

“Live blog from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit ‘08 in Miami”

I’ve attended several presentations this afternoon. Some weren’t all that interesting, others turned out to be very inspiring!

My most remarkable impression of today is that deliverability and rendering are no longer hot topics in the US. They have been the last 2 years, but they seem to have faded into the background today. Content segmentation seems to be on every e-marketer’s roster. Apparently it’s the only thing that can increase traffic and ROI in the US at this very moment.
I’ve seen some fantastic cases on B2C and B2B content segmentation.

Their greatest satisfaction always came from result analysis, it seems they all got it managed in their budget. Actual content scenario building is available for every costumer. Purchase orders, demographics, income and CT behavior are the main goals pursued by most e-marketers in the US.
And guess what: we can manage all of these things in-house at EmailGarage!
Feel free to get in touch.

While talking with some of my American colleagues, I realised that we’re not falling behind in Europe. Au contraire! US e-marketers actually want to learn from our multi-lingual approaches. We are a step ahead on the average US company when it comes to this topic, because multi-lingual content targeting is a big issue in Europe. And that content targeting isn’t always simple once foreign languages come into the picture, was proven in this Adobe case.

Tomorrow Michon will be presenting the Belgian Unilever case. I’m a little bit nervous for her, but I’m sure she’ll manage just fine. 

From Miami,

Kenny Van Beeck

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