Write your welcome messages honest and attractive

 More and more people get in contact with companies online. Some new customers are convinced about the value of your company already and ask for email communication immediately. They give the permission to begin a long-term relationship with your company.

How do you react on that? Do you confirm their subscription with a short, boring message? Or do you greet your new customer kindly with a honest salutation?

In this first dialogue you can tell more about what you offer and thank them for their trust in your company. This first message makes or breaks the first impression of your image, culture and values. You never get a second chance to get a first impression, and it is at the same time a prime opportunity to promote your products or services.

Conclusion: Your first message says everything about your organisation, give the recipient a good and warm feeling. Then start using this opportunity to capitalize on their interest, launching an engaging conversation with him or her.

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