PR agencies do like email!

Live blog from CeBIT ‘08 Global technology Exhibition in Hannover

I had several PR agencies asking EmailGarage for info today at CeBIT and it got me thinking.

Email marketing is not only for commercial purposes. What is really important for a PR agency?
Knowing the quality of the recipients address, knowing that the message was read, etc.

Email marketing is a blessing for those people. Knowing when a message arrives and if it arrived well is a real business argument! That’s what the PR business is all about. Email marketing and tools like EmailGarage can therefore not only be important for metrics, but also for client satisfaction. Using reporting intelligently allows you to discover your contact database health and activity.

A second essential need for PR agencies is how to reach contacts in the best way, at the best time, with the right message. SO advanced reporting is one thing, but email tools can also be used to personalize messages on different aspects. Content, from-address, reply-address, etc. can change for every customer. Using this specific targeting will increase the credibility of press news, articles, etc.

From Hannover CeBit,

Kenny Van Beeck

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