From Brussels with love: e-integration

Last April 18th and 19th E-business Expo took place in Brussels, Belgium. E-business Expo is a brand new event and trade fair where e-marketing and marcom professionals from the Benelux countries meet.

As the leading Belgian email service provider our EmailGarage team attended the event to showcase our multilingual email campaign platform. It was my intention to keep you updated. I planned to have a look around but actually I was not able to … leave our booth. Plenty of visitors. So my feedback on this event is somewhat limited to the interactions I had with visitors.

Three types of enquiries came up most:

– a need to connect email campaign managers with CMS and CRM systems.
– a need for detailed metrics about email campaigns, online interactions and beyond.
– agencies, consultants, retailers and larger organisations are in search of email solutions that help them in setting up and managing sub-accounts. These can be clients of agencies, shop owners in retail chains and departments or local branches of multinational companies.

In essence it is all about integration , be it on infrastructural, campaign or organisational level.

When talking metrics I was happy to hear that the need went far beyond open and CT rates. People want to know the number of unique interactors and who these interactors are. From there they want to know the conversion rates on their sites or in other follow up campaigns. One can feel from these questions how far the collaboration between marketing and sales goes. Some are still operating on their island, others are in fully integrated mode.
Some understand what numbers the CEO is really interested in, others don’t (yet). Integrated campaign management is maturing.

Looking forward to keep you updated with some findings from our next event: MD Expo in Paris, France. If interested we can provide you with a VIP entrance ticket. Just send an email to


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