“What is the difference between you and your competitors?”

– Luc Robijns live from MD expo in Paris –

What is the difference between you and your competitors? That must be (by far) the most asked question today.
My answer started with … another question: what are your needs at the moment?

Otherwise a show like MD expo becomes a non-stop demo session where you discover over and over again that there is no real fit or that people are just shopping for the best price around.

So let me zoom in on contacts with potential partners, consultants or agencies interested in using EmailGarage as a campaign platform. What do they say they need? Here is a short overview of commonly asked questions.

Is there a possibility to test the campaign manager without costs?
Consultants are scanning the market and busy choosing a platform to advice to customers. With over 10 ESPs at MD expo this process might become cumbersome. I can tell you that all were happy to hear that we give people the opportunity to test EmailGarage for free.

I need reliable and in depth reporting. Can you help me?
In order to advice their customers in a professional way consultants ask for fast and reliabele reporting about their email campaigns. They want clear graphics and some ask for “interactor reports”. Specifically in B2B environments. Sales people are not looking for ” fancy stuff “, as one visitor told me. They want structured reports with behavioural data in it. In other words: tell me what the customer or prospect was interested in.
Lucky me. This is where we really are strong at :-). Ok, I admit this was some shameless self promotion.
Can the EmailGarage platform be personalised with the partner brand?
In short, yes. And we understand that for some of you this is important. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to differentiate from other marketing consultants or agencies.

What about deliverability? How do you deal with spam? How do you avoid that our emails end up in spam filters?
That’s not an easy one. First, we only work with trusted partners to host our platform and provide connectivity. Of course, we work hard on the relationship with ISPs. As all other ESP (email service provider) say they do.
On top of this EmailGarage’s SpamCheck functionality increases the chances of your emails to reach your audience. It provides you with feedback on the quality of your html coding, content, imagery and more. And scores it. So you can learn from it and avoid problems.
Last but not least an IP gateway makes sure that in case of “emergency” your emails do not get stuck. IP addresses that get listed (and yes this happens now and then) are quarantained for some time and the platform uses another address to guarantee the delivery of your emails.
I had an interesting discussion about the pro’s and cons of this gateway solution compared to a dedicated IP address-solution some of our competitors propose. I see clear advantages in our solution, that’s for sure. How about you? Give me your thoughts.

Tomorrow is the last day of MD expo. Stay tuned.

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