Strategic partnership between EmailGarage and The Marcom Factory

Efficient, Integrated Multi-Channel Communication – Direct Marketing on a Higher Level

EmailGarage and The Marcom Factory have decided to enter into a strategic alliance. From now on, the two firms will jointly offer their products and services. Combining the e-mail campaign manager of EmailGarage and the web-to-print solutions of The Marcom Factory opens up unprecedented opportunities for marketing professionals. This strategic alliance, in which both solutions retain their own brand names, will allow different communication channels to be integrated and managed online.

E-mail and direct mail are two important instruments in the marketing campaigns of businesses. What we see here, though, as is often the case, is that one and one add up to more than two. For that reason, EmailGarage and The Marcom Factory decided to enter into a strategic partnership and to offer each other’s products and services to their customers. This gives users the ideal tool for integrated multichannel marketing.

The strategic alliance between EmailGarage and The Marcom Factory opens up further opportunities for marketing professionals who wish to integrate different communication channels. E-mail and direct mail can now be incorporated together in marketing communication scenarios, managed online and easily followed up. The bottom line: direct marketing raised to a higher level.

Philippe Cardyn, Marketing Manager of The Marcom Factory: “I see EmailGarage’s e-marketing application and our web-to-print platform as complementary products / services. Ideally, a marketing campaign should run on both tracks: e-mail and direct mail. That is why we are very pleased that we will be able to offer our customers an integrated approach.”

Luc Robijns, General Manager of EmailGarage: “This partnership adds an extra channel to our scenarios: personalized direct mail. From now on, we will be able to offer our customers the most relevant medium for their direct communication in each stage of their campaign.”

The two solutions will keep their own names. The integration of the two systems is scheduled to take place in the course of 2008. Collaboration will cover the online platforms and the services of EmailGarage and The Marcom Factory.

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