EmailGarage workshop combines live and online meeting!

Yesterday the offices of EmailGarage were the scene of an interactive workshop based on our Email Marketing Summit ’08 visit in Miami.

Via our blog and weekly tipmail we invited people to attend this workshop and learn more about next-level email marketing. The Summit brought together a broad variety of passionate internet marketers. We discovered a lot about “what works” and “what’s next” in US email marketing. We think its our duty and honour as one of the premium European email players to share this valuable and innovative information with Europe’s interested marketers.

Several Belgian visitors joined our workshop live, others got the opportunity to attend our workshop online.

As a pioneer in Europe we were able to stream our complete workshop including slides, live sound, video, chat interaction and feedback using the web meeting software from MeetingOne.

An automated email marketing flow including an invitation, subscription, confirmation and reminder created interest and action to our online workshop platform. Several visitors from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom attended this workshop.

Kenny Van Beeck and myself spoke about four essential elements of email marketing for now, with an eye on future’s evolution. Message relevance, segmentation & personalization, deliverability and renderability were all touched in a compact but interactive workshop. The whole story was coloured with several cases, and we finished off with a general summary case that combined all aspects of our agenda in a great way.

From the moment we started we discovered live and online activity. People asked specific questions, and online attendees interacted immediately on live questions. For us as presenters it was great to be able to reply to worldwide questions, without losing the attention of our live audience. Worldwide borders disappeared and a feeling of an online email marketing community was created.

For this first testcase we did not yet have an huge amount of attendees, but the participants for yesterday already gave us a boost and a feeling of discovering fantastic opportunities on how to reach worldwide audiences in the future.

We at EmailGarage are preaching our personalisation, interaction and dialogue-stories day after day. With this online integration we want to show and convince the online market that this kind of contacts are crucial and very effective in future’s web communication.

We received very positive feedback on the strategy of our workshop, as well from live as from online attendees.

We hope to meet you on one of our next email marketing workshops, live or online!

Jelle Quirynen

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