A day at Marcom ’08

Yesterday Kenny and myself attended the first day at Marcom ’08 in Amsterdam. A mix of vendors, service companies and communication experts were ready to show their best products and services.

Based on this first day we can already make some interesting conclusions. We had several specific questions, and we could make some special remarks based on the difference of the Dutch market.

Several people came to us with the question to integrate online tools (e.g. CRM, CMS, …). A clear trend we can see is that all software tools are getting connected online more and more.

Next to the integration we had a lot interesting discussions on profile enrichment. The Netherlands have a more web-based culture. In Belgium, different people ask us to buy software and store it in-house. This question is not relevant in Amsterdam. People want to get access to all tools online easily.

Citizens in the Netherlands have generally larger databases, of course because of the bigger reach in the country. But we also see that even small companies are always very focussed on efficiency and they all see specific email marketing opportunies.

For instance behavioural targeting and profile enrichment is commonly discussed with several parties. Visitors all wanted to know everything about their customers and react on that with more relevant and effective messages.

We also had a quesion on viral marketing. A lady came to us to explain the viral concept and we could offer a tell-a-friend function that is easy to use and is trackable. Nobody on the fare could help her, she said, we were the first who could answer and offer a specific solution! Great feedback 🙂

A general conclusion on this fare is the high integration of gaming in this sector. Gamevertising, advergaming, etc. are already very good developed and presented in this Dutch fare.

The Dutch DM market is alive and innovating, the future looks great here!

Jelle Quirynen

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