User Generated Content and Social Networks transform media ecosystem (IAB report)

The IAB has released the “User-Generated Content and Social Media Advertising Overview”
Its purpose is to outline how UGC and social media have changed the digital consumer and advertiser experience.

User Generated Content (UGC) and Social Networks are transforming the media ecosystem. Gone are the days when marketers controlled the communication and path between advertisement and consumer. Today’s model is collaborative, collective, customized and shared. It’s a world in which the consumer is the creator, consumer and distributor of content.

The promise of UGC is now being hyper-realized with social media. Sites like MySpace, Facebook, and You-Tube represent the convergence of user commentary with video, photos, and music sharing, all presented in a simple, user-friendly format, allowing participation on a mass scale.

“User-Generated Content and Social Media Advertising Overview,” is a milestone document that helps you better understand how these platforms have fundamentally altered the digital experience for consumers and advertisers. The report defines UGC and social media, provides a detailed overview of the latest advertising opportunities, and details case studies of campaigns that have successfully utilized UGC and social media.

Download User-Generated Content and Social Media Advertising Overview.



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