Is an email campaign manager a tool for the communications or for the marketing department?

Live reporting from TCD 2008 – Direct Marketing Vakbeurs
by Luc Robijns

EmailGarage is present at the TCD – Direct Marketing Vakbeurs in Utrecht (as you probably know by now).

On the second day of this event I met with this most interesting visitor who asked me whether our EmailGarage campaign manager was a tool for the communications or for the marketing department. It took some time to understand the deeper meaning of his request.

Why did he categorize email campaign managers into tools for communication OR for marketing? A short discussion clarified a lot.

Actually our visitor was not looking for a tool that was just handling the lists and messages. Just broadcasting was not enough. Simple send/delivered/opened/click-reporting was a prerequisite. A good start, he said.

Our guest was not only looking for a platform that was managing the email campaigns and email channel in a professional way. He wanted to understand whether profile management gave him an edge in leveraging his CRM strategy by providing him deeply enriched data (storing transactional information and capturing preferences and behaviour of readers).
And he wanted campaign reports that would help him understand quickly if his campaigns were influencing the company’s ROI.

Needless to say we felt a match 🙂 .
But what interests me right now is your opinion on this subject: Is an email campaign manager a tool for the communications or for the marketing department?

Let me know.
And as they say over here … doei!

Luc Robijns

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    Communication is an important part of marketing, thus one can say that an email campaign manager is a tool for communication for the optimum functioning of marketing department.

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