Integrated marketing is key to building customer dialogues

Luc Robijns, live from the IDMFInternetWorld event in London

Yesterday we heard that next year IDMF and InternetWorld were going to take place in two different locations. Probably on the same days somewhere in April 2009. A Brand Republic journalist asked me for my opinion on this and I commented that splitting up these events was not exactly in line with what was happening in “the real world”. Integrated marketing is there to stay.

We see customers moving towards multi-channel campaigns integrating DM, email marketing, SMS and other channels in order to build dialogues with customers depending on their preferences. By doing so companies want to optimize the communication process over a longer period of time and eventually boost results.
This is also what I read in an article from Jennifer Kirkby from She states that somewhere in the 1990s we lost the knowledge of how the media multiplier works in reinforcing customer communications to build rapport and engagement.
This is confirmed by a recent Forrester report. They found that only 15% of large companies claim to mostly integrate their interactions, whilst just under half do no integration at all.

Jennifer ended her article with: “We must all recognise the way the wind is blowing and shift the blinkers to innovative, integrated interactions – with the internet centre stage to provide the listening service.”

So what are we waiting for?

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  1. David
    Posted May 2, 2008 at 10:54 pm | Permalink


    I attended the IDMF and Internet World and I also read the Brand Republic article. And I think you’ve miss understood what has happened. There is an integrated plan – IDMF and the new show E Commerce and Digital Marketing Expo and the Data Security Show – (Infosecurity) are all coming together. Three events under one roof, very much an integrated offering I think.

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