Use interesting content to gather valuable data.

Whitepapers, cases or e-books make a terrific strategy to increase your brand awareness. What’s more: they create an excellent opportunity to communicate about your company’s strengths. Providing this info not only offers added value to the recipient,  it ‘s also an efficient way to collect or update their contact data.

However, don’t offer your valuable content just for the sake of it.  Create a win-win situation: only provide valuable content if there’s something in it for you too.

By mentioning the link to the content in a confirmation mail, you’ll gather qualified email addresses. It will also give your subscribers a better interaction with your brand and product. Need more details on your contacts? Try using a profile form to ask for more information, or to update existing databases.

Conclusion: It’s OK to give away valuable content. But feel free to ask for something in return. In every client relationship, two-way engagement is what works best for all parties.

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