A PDF is not an html email !

Many people often think that once they have created a nice looking PDF format, their email campaign is done.
Guess what? Not at all, a PDF file is not a html email.

Also traditional print designers sometimes forget that not everything in their nice looking design is possible in html.
You will have to adapt your design to html email design:
– Web safe colors
– Web safe fonts
– No big images
– Preferably titles in html and not in images
– Good text/image balance
– No larger than 600 pixels
– …

“No problem, just take the big image, put it in the html, create some image maps and send it out.”

I don’t think so and here is why:
– Higher risk for spam filters
– One big red cross when the email comes in with images suppressed by default
– Image maps won’t work everywhere
– …

So next time you think about designing an email campaign. Don’t start only with the creative image, but start thinking in possible, best practice html techniques. When this is done, create your graphics and translate them in clean html coding. Test them in several email clients. Eventually adapt them again. Test again until everything is OK.

Indeed creating emails is a creative AND technical process, that should have as much attention as the traditional print communication.

Kenny Van Beeck

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  1. Posted July 29, 2008 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

    It was good to read your article. You have pointed out a common mistake.

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