Add Personality to Your Newsletters

Email marketing is very dependent on impressions. From the time your reader views the subject line, they’ve already begun forming their impression. Every step along the way can either cement that impression or change it. From the first view to the last click, you want your customers to connect with your email in a positive way, and in order to do that, it’s important to think about the individual elements of your email and how they can combine as a whole to create an impression.

In order to connect with your readers, your readers also need to feel connected to you. A simple change might be adding a personal touch – perhaps an article or note from the editor, written in first person. It can create a more personal connection with the reader if they feel the email comes from a specific person rather than just a company in general. Readers can develop a greater affinity to a person behind an email rather than just a company brand, and will be more likely to open the email.

Conclusion: A good email provides useful information, but a well-written email provides useful information in a voice that your readers can relate to.

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    Great point — people are much more apt to respond positively to an email newsletter when it’s written to speak with you opposed to at you. No one likes people selling them.. 🙂

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