How to create a message content that works?

With acquisition campaigns, as with most email marketing, it’s best to be clear and concise. Do not overload the reader with too much information. Most email subscribers utilize this medium as a quick way to send and receive information.

Therefore, think of your message as analogous to the outer envelope of a direct mail piece, with your landing page being what’s inside. The message’s purpose should be stated up front and never keep the subscriber in suspense. It’s important to understand your audience’s “language” and communicate with them in terms they are familiar with. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to personalize in an acquisition effort as it is the first communication between you and the prospect and is considered presumptuous.

Every message should include:

• Key benefits
• Call to action – What is it you would like them to do?
• Something to click on – Place two links within the body (text versions). One high (about a third of the way down) for those who glance over the email and one low (at the bottom) for those who finish reading the entire creative.
• Expiration date to add sense of urgency

Kenny Van Beeck


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    Thanks for sharing that! Nice post. I just glanced through it.

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    Definitely agree with these points — nice blog 🙂

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