In-mail video streaming

We get a lot of questions if it is possible to produce “wow-effect” video emailing campaigns.

Guess what, it’s not that simple. Just a few email clients are really able to render (visualize) video streaming in emails. On top of that several video formats can be used, going from flash to mpegs. We all know what e.g. flash can do in emails.

If you really want to do it. There are some tricks to apply:
– Create a frame in your html for the video streaming and put a background image with linking of the first screen in it.
– Provide an extra text link to the video.
– Use only the first screen with the play arrow in it linked to the online version.

Basically it’s simple. Provide fall-back options in case you in-mail video won’t work (and trust me, that’s a lot)

For those who like survey numbers.
A small survey on video emails by EmailKarma

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