Today’s one-to-one marketing strategy is all about integration

Digital communication is getting a bigger piece of the marketing strategy pie every year. Strong relationships with your customers become more important every day.

Integration between three essential marketing elements is crucial to manage and increase the efficiency and productivity of your online customer contact, and offers a lot of opportunities. Email, CRM and web analytics all have specific advantages, combining these three offers even more added value.

A high quality email marketing system allows you to interact on a personalized and timely base, with targeted, relevant messages.

A CRM system allows you to capture and track customer information like sales data, behaviour data, preferences, etc, in a centralized digital location. This data is extremely valuable in a customer-centric society, allowing you to discover the real needs and wants of your customer or prospect.

Web analytics
Web analytics programs help you to monitor and measure website traffic, visitor behaviour and preferences on your personal website. Many web analytics are available for free on the web, so it is easy to integrate a web analytics reporting tool on your site.

What makes this really interesting in a one-to-one strategy? Many web tools allow you to integrate different elements of email, CRM and web analytics in one package.

If we focus on email marketing, EmailGarage has a very efficient email platform allowing you to build up an effective email lifecycle with your customers. This all thanks to several operational CRM features in our database structure and the possibility to connect with external CRM systems using our personal API.

Next to that we offer an extensive list of reporting and analysis elements to easily optimize your campaigns.

Finally it is very easy to add personal web analytics code in your email message to measure all customer steps from receiving the email until the online purchase.

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  1. wrapmail
    Posted November 23, 2008 at 7:00 pm | Permalink

    Companies seem to ignore the single largest online advertising venue available: their own regular external emails. Why not use these emails to market the senders company?

    You have a website.
    You send emails.

    Why not multiply your sales-staff by “wrapping” the regular email in an interactive letterhead?

    No other marketing or advertising medium is as targeted as an email between people that know each other (as opposed to mass emails). These emails are always read and typically kept.

  2. Posted November 24, 2008 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    Great points!

    You’re right. Its all about tying everything together so that you can easily measure each step in your funnel.

    Ensuring the you can tie sales results back to data gathered through web analytics is crucial.

    Your contact management system must allow you to track the customer’s behavior on your web site.

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