How segmentation makes email marketing worthwhile

Are you testing which groups respond to which promotions in order to adjust your email campaigns appropriately? After all, you don’t want to waste your least-profitable offers on fanatics who will respond to deals that are more lucrative from the brand’s perspective.

A recent example: after a publishing email marketer identified its “fanatic” and “frequent” responder tiers, it decided to deliver increasingly attractive offers over time. It proved that the “fanatics” tend to convert on the most client-profitable offers, the “frequents” on the other hand are more likely to respond to the slightly less profitable offers. By continuing to invite lower-tier responders and non-responders from earlier touches into the stream over time, a marketer can maximize his overall conversion rate.

That’s why it’s wise to send emails with at least two segmented offers. As you will notice, your conversion rates will rise considerably.

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