Monthly Archives: January 2009

Fact: not all your readers have 20/20 vision

Here’s a short but extremely useful tip to guarantee the best readability for your email campaigns. Offer your readers their content in a point 10 typesetting or larger. Just because you have good eyesight and a large monitor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your recipients do too… So make sure your type size is at […]

Make your emails readable

Long lines of text are difficult to read. Especially if you have lines of text extending all the way across the width of your newsletter. Studies have proven that the maximum length of a line of text should be about 50 to 55 characters at the most. Shorter lines are okay, but lines longer than […]

Start 2009 with a dialogue

  EmailGarage thinks that 2009 will be – more than ever – about dialogues. That’s why we decided to do a little experiment on the theme. We gave two artists we admire ‘carte blanche’ on the subject of dialogues: Dutch author Oscar Van den Boogaard and Belgian photographer Alex Salinas. They took on the challenge […]

Online marketing trends for 2009

Both ExactTarget and Jupiter Research are certain that the economical crisis will change the marketing landscape. Traditional marketing techniques will have to be re-modelled and new marketing will gain more weight. Email Marketing will boom in 2009!   Sounds like good news for us, but there are still some action points: Design and renderability are becoming […]