Start 2009 with a dialogue


EmailGarage thinks that 2009 will be – more than ever – about dialogues.

That’s why we decided to do a little experiment on the theme. We gave two artists we admire ‘carte blanche’ on the subject of dialogues: Dutch author Oscar Van den Boogaard and Belgian photographer Alex Salinas. They took on the challenge and created something new, fresh and intriguing about what ‘dialogues’ do, mean and provoke in our lives.

As a thank you to all our blog readers, here’s the result of what both masters of dialogue came up with.

Oscar wrote a thrilling story called Lucia Melts.
> Download the unpublished 48-page book

Alex shot a series of stunning pictures named Approach.
> Download 4 of the exclusive photos below as your new wallpaper for 2009

Approach_1 1600×1200
Approach_1 1920×1200

Approach_2 1600×1200
Approach_2 1920×1200

Approach_3 1600×1200
Approach_3 1920×1200

Approach_4 1600×1200
Approach_4 1920×1200

Enjoy and have an exceptional 2009!

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