Use HTML that doesn’t hurt

Waiting for a large message to download when the file size wasn’t justified by the content is frustrating, especially for people with limited access time or who pay by the minute for their connections.
Optimize, resize or omit graphics altogether to keep your file size small. If you can keep the total size limited to 50 Kilobytes, you’ll have happy subscribers.
Compatibility is a huge issue because individual e-mail clients display HTML differently. Stay ahead of the problem by keeping your HTML as simple as possible. Don’t use frames, anchors, DHTML and JavaScript.
If you’re using tables, make sure readers don’t have to scroll horizontally to read the text.
Mail to a test group whose members use a range of email clients. Ask them to send a screen shot of your newsletter as it looked when they opened it. Study the differences and rethink coding in those areas.

Or contact us and use the EmailGarage service to determine which email clients your readers are using.
Optimisation can be done according to your audience’s email client profile.

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