Monthly Archives: March 2009

Site navigation in email

Did you knew that nearly 30 percent of marketers duplicate their site navigation in email ? Of those, 15 percent find it more effective than the main content in driving clicks, while 11 percent of marketers find their navigation converts better than the main content of their email. Using site navigation as part of your […]

Write follow-up emails you can build upon…

Did you know that you can run some of your customer service initiatives effectively through email? Consider sending a follow-up to your purchase or service emails. Ask your contacts if the product met their expectations or check if they encountered any problems with the shipping. Why not ask them to rate your customer service, so […]

Invest in top responders

Cleanse the non-responsive recipients from your email list regularly. By doing so, you’ll always have a valuable list of top responders to target your campaigns at. Investing in the most responsive recipients also allows you to send a greater number of campaigns to a smaller list. Which means: more campaigns with less budget. Reducing and […]

Create relevant email marketing campaigns

A single email can make or break a valuable customer relationship. So why are 89 % of today’s marketers still sending low-value, one-off broadcast email campaigns? It’s wiser to plan strategically and execute high-value individualized lifecycle marketing programs.   A JupiterResearch study unveiled that – despite the extra costs – engaging your audiences in more […]