Use e-coupons to increase product buys

It’s a fact: EmailGarage customers are starting to use coupons in their email marketing more often. Email marketing allows you to make specific offers, targeted to different segments based on past purchases and activity.
E-coupons are the ideal channel to generate traffic to your shop and convince potential buyers to make a purchase. Those coupons are easy to handle and print, and moreover they can be personalized with the subscribers name and email address. And don’t forget to mention terms and conditions clearly, and be prepared to honor all receivers.

As these online coupons tend to perform well, it’s wise to have your conversion estimates ready beforehand.

Conclusion: online coupons can empower your customer contact and increase traffic and product buys. Use the force!
P.S.: If you are interested in cases or you would like more information on e-coupons, by all means contact us.

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